I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, That’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.
– Frank Sinatra



Stout – Irish Dry / 4.2% ABV / 45 IBU / St. James’s Gate, Dublin

Swirling clouds tumble as the storm begins to calm. Settle. Breathe in the moment, then break through the smooth, light head to the bittersweet reward. Unmistakeably GUINNESS, from the first velvet…

805 Blonde Ale

4.7% ABV 20 IBU Firestone Walker Brewing Company Paso Robles, CA

A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the laid back California lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of hops creating a versatile beer with a clean finish.

Celebration Ale IPA – American

6.8% ABV 65 IBU Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, CA

The long, cold nights of winter are a little brighter with Celebration Ale. Wonderfully robust and rich, Celebration Ale is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Brewed especially for the holidays, it is perfect for a festive gathering or for a quiet evening at home.

Humboldt Brown Hemp Brown Ale – American

5.7% ABV 32 IBU Humboldt Brewing Company Paso Robles, CA

The Original Hemp Ale: Humboldt Brown Ale is brewed with toasted hemp seeds that add a unique, herb-accented flavor. But we didn’t stop there- the American hops create a perfect balance to the darker malts in this brew.

Mad Otter Pale Ale – American

5.6% ABV 35 IBU Monterey Bay Brewing Company Monterey, CA

Very easy-drinking, American Pale Ale with a surprisingly hoppy beginning and a nice smooth citrus finish.

Big Sur Golden Ale

4.8% ABV English Ales Brewery Marina, CA

Strongbow Cider

5% ABV Bulmers Cider Hereford, Herefordshire

Strongbow is a brand of cider manufactured in England by Bulmers. It is the UK’s most popular cider[citation needed], accounting for more than half of the draught cider sold in British pubs. Strongbow is also unique in that it is produced with a Royal Warrant.

Boddingtons Pub Ale

4.6% ABV Boddington’s Brewery Shamlesbury, Lancashire

Boddingtons is a refreshing, smooth beer renowned for its golden colour, full-bodied flavour and malty, moreish taste with smooth, tight creamy head.

Newcastle Brown Ale

4.7% ABV 18 IBU John Smith’s Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Newcastle Brown Ale is a brand of beer produced by Heineken International. The beer was introduced in 1927 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, by Newcastle Breweries, which became Scottish & Newcastle in 1960.

Lagunitas IPA

6.2% ABV 46 IBU Lagunitas Brewing Company Petaluma, CA

This is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute.

Stella Artois

5% ABV 24 IBU Stella Artois Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant

It is brewed to perfection using the original Stella Artois yeast and the celebrated Saaz hops. It is the optimum premium lager, with its full flavour and clean crisp taste.

Bass Pale Ale

5% ABV 49 IBU Bass Brewers Shamlesbury, Lancashire

A classic pale ale. This version of Bass for the North American market at 5% to comply with USA ale regulations.

Scrimshaw Pilsner

4.7% ABV 22 IBU North Coast Brewing Company Fort Bragg, CA

Scrimshaw is a fresh tastingPilsner brewed in the finest European tradition using Munich malt and, Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. Scrimshaw has a subtle hop character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish.

Ballast Point California Amber

5.5% ABV 51 IBU Ballast Point Brewing Company San Diego, CA

Four types of malts give it a bold complexity, and our proprietary yeast strain lends it a fruity, madeira-like richness. However, it’s the American hops that give this ale a distinct bite and floral aroma that have earned it just about every major beer medal.

blue moon Belgian White

5.4% ABV 9 IBU Blue Moon Brewing Company Denver, CO

Blue Moon Belgian White, Belgian-style wheat ale, is a refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly smooth finish.


5% ABV 12 IBU Anheuser-Busch St. Louis, MO

Brewed with the best barley malt and a blend of premium hop varieties, it is an icon of core American values like optimism and celebration.


Coors Original
Modelo Especial
Pacifico Clara
Corona Extra
Michelob ULTRA
Coors Light
Bud Light
Miller Lite
O’Doul’s Premium

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